For…That Which Flows as One

Such a great book. A very enjoyable page-turner. I could have read the book in one sitting. I loved everything about it – the story, the characters, the magical ending. That Which Flows As One is a “love” story of sorts in that it illustrates how different people go about their search for love. Some people give love and expect nothing in return, some people search for love their whole life and never find it, and yet others find it in the most unexpected places. I think we can all see ourselves in our search for love in each of the characters in the book. The characters are rich and real and well-conceived, with the perfect mix of complexity. The author’s use of language is brilliant and each sentence is well-crafted. His sense of humor and tongue-in-cheek writing style juxtaposed with the deeper underlying meaning of the novel was well done. I highly recommend this book to anyone, young and old. I think it has universal appeal. Perhaps not everyone will tune into the deeper, spiritual gifts of the novel, nevertheless it still makes for a wonderful read!”

-Amazon reader review

“I really enjoyed That Which Flows as One, especially the fully-fleshed out, complex characters, full of flaws and virtues like real human beings. I also appreciated the in-depth look at Sarath’s childhood, which helps explain how she became the complicated person Max loves. In addition, Sarath’s mother reminded me incredibly of similar people in my own life, which kept me reading to learn what else she would do to mess up Sarath, and what would eventually happen to her.

This novel shows that it’s indeed possible to come from a damaged, dysfunctional family and still have healthy, loving relationships, but it takes an incredible amount of work to overcome that history. The novel also demonstrates that our childhood experiences go a long way in determining our adult lives.

Readers interested in psychology and the development of children would definitely enjoy this novel, as well as readers of fiction who enjoy character studies and learning why people behave as they do. That Which Flows as One really explores these issues in great detail, and in a powerfully dramatic way.”

-Amazon reader review

“I am reading That Which Flows As One a 2nd time. What now stands out for me is the strong voice of the narrator. His characters amuse him; he engages with the reader in the outrageous (and banal) behavior of the characters. Writing in minute detail, he creates a sense of tension and mystery. His tone is often “tongue in cheek” and he develops widely clever metaphors to explain the dynamics of his characters. One of my favorites (Pg 14) is “We skip through pages of fairy tales, glide through cushions of clouds, swing from the moon, and dance across rainbows. And then to our amazement the amusement park closes – we thought it stayed open forever!” I can certainly identify with this description of falling in and out of love. Dr. Kaufman’s technique is a novel and relaxed way to study defense mechanisms, personality types, and much more than a graduate level psychology course offers. I strongly recommend the book.”

-Amazon reader review


For..The Transforming Power Of IIlness

“The reader’s mind and heart will be engaged and moved by the life-affirming narratives unfolding in this book. Superbly written, it is grounded in scholarly research protocol and enlivened by deep understanding. This inspired account is of value to scholars, clergy, laity, and all who wrestle with the problem of meaning.”

-Dr. Frances Kostarelos, Professor, Anthropology and Political and Justice Studies Governors State University

“A powerful journey, incredible value for anyone who reads this marvelous piece of work!”

-Michael Brickman, CEO Alternative Health Partners Inc.

“On a personal level, I wish I could have read this book before I started working at the AIDS Network. Very informative in a humanitarian way.”

-Judith A. Friend, Ph.D., Executive Director AIDS Network of the Tri-State Area.

“Not just for those who are HIV-positive, it is for anyone facing any type of illness, as it explores how disease has the power to transform one’s life rather than destroy it.

-Reader review

“A must reading for those infected and affected. How can anyone read these accounts and be unmoved?”

-Reader review

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