High in the Andes

High in the Andes is a spiritual adventure novel that presents the reader with the fantastic events that happen to its main character, Narada. On an archeological tour through the ruins of Peru with a group he met in the States, Narada intentionally separates himself from the others when he stumbles across a secret and mysterious attraction. Beyond his wildest amazement, Narada is actually drawn back to his former Incan colleagues of the priestly class with whom he had lived 450 years ago. Therein begins an extraordinary process of self-discovery, reflection, and ancient memory recall as Narada receives the esoteric teachings of this highly evolved group of spiritual masters.

Included in their teachings are discussions on forgiveness, energy, meditation, reincarnation, and other issues of interest and importance to the seeker of spiritual development. These teachings are interwoven with various past events from Narada’s life as well as new ones that occur while he is high in the Andes. In addition, Narada describes the truly amazing things he first encounters among these masters that are beyond anything he could ever have imagined.

Readers will recognize in the events Narada narrates the struggles that are common to many seekers on the path of spiritual development. They will identify with him as he strives to understand the teachings, and find their own innate wisdom reflected back.

Narada’s whole narrative is actually being told to someone he meets on the train upon his return from the Andes. His listener is thoroughly intrigued and spellbound by Narada’s account. The mystery only begins for this listener, however, at the very end when, as the train reaches its destination, he opens his eyes, and realizes that he had really been alone throughout his whole trip. If not for the strange object he now finds on his lap, he may have thought he had just dreamed the whole story.

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