High in the Andes

A spiritual adventure novel with teachings on meditation, the effects of our actions, subtle perception, gratitude, forgiveness, judgment of others, healing, and more.




The Transforming Power of Illness

Presents the insights and awareness that allowed people impacted by illness to view their illnesses positively, and recognize the gifts and blessings behind them.



An Exploration oTruth

In this book I examine the nature of truth as it reveals itself in numerous areas of our lives. My intent is to present additional tools and techniques to facilitate greater mindfulness among those seeking – at some level – to enhance awareness and promote that inner awakening


That Which Flows As One

Is probably best described as a psychological drama of relationships with spiritual overtones; intended to demonstrate that while we may be greatly shaped by our early childhood and the parenting we received, we continue to be influenced by outside forces as well as by our own internal temperament and natural endowment; and that the opportunities for deeper growth into awareness and enlightenment are ever present.


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