I AM . . .


I Am the breeze that blows through the memories of your lives;
the light bursting from your core.
The stars whose twinkle reflects your delight,
I Am all these, yet so much more.


I Am the moon that remembers your mood;
the one, Yes!, it’s you I adore.
And the dread that yearns for expression in you,
I Am these too, yet so much more.


I Am the air whose breath gives you life;
the soul that cries out to soar.
The timid, the bold, without end can be told,
I Am all these, yet so much more.


I Am the stream that collects all your lives;
the One also known as the Door,
Beyond which you’ll find the goal of your search.
I Am this, yet so much more.


Beyond the clouds and outer galaxies,
in the infinite space between each atom,
I Am the same throughout the ages.
No amount, equals my sum.


I am the thread, life’s web my fabric;
the needle guiding it through.
My patterns are infinite, my colors Divine.
I Am the One throughout your lives, the One you always knew.


As oft’ times before, you’ll know me again;
shadows disperse when you open your eyes.
I Am the One who’ll be waiting for you
unlike before with no other disguise.


From: HIGH IN THE ANDES; A Spiritual Adventure Novel; p. 201

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