Truth: A Noun, or a Verb?

My immediate disclaimer is that when ‘truth’ is used as a noun, I will not and cannot tell you what truth is—and caution against anyone who tries. I want you to consider the notion of ‘truth’, used as a verb: a dynamic, living process—a tool, if you will, that we can wield in our individual, as well as social, development. And, like all other tools, it can be used to all degrees of good and bad. As a verb, it is a process, and implies something we are exploring together. A process is not static, not something one can grasp, and measure—like some object—its dimensions of height, width, length, and weight. If, as an internal process that involves not only our thoughts, but also our emotions, then it is hardly objective, for each individual will assess it differently and invoke different measures; view it by distinctive perspectives, and through variously Continue reading Truth: A Noun, or a Verb?