The Transforming Power of Illness

Like the butterfly he came to resemble, he would realize his illness was but the cocoon of his transformation.  At first, as it spun out its fibers, he could only see the darkness close in around him.  Why is this happening to me?-a question that, alone and afraid, he churned over and over.  Completely encased, curious changes occurred.  Within the darkness, where his vision could only focus inward, he saw how he had been crawling around his whole life, never seeing beyond the twigs and branches; always in search of the next watering hole.  Glimpses manifested in his awareness of something greater, that he was greater; that he didn’t have to spend the rest of his life crawling, but could soar above all that encased him.  Becoming aware of the beauty that was his, he felt as if he could actually sprout wings, and take off in a flight of Continue reading The Transforming Power of Illness